Gundog Gear provide an optimally curated selection of training gear and field gear for hunting dogs.

Whether you’re training your dog to hunt ducks, deer, small game, or big game, we endeavour to provide you with all the essential gear you need. We have an excellent selection of bumpers and longlines to assist you in training your retrieving or stalking dogs because a dog that is trained well is less likely to get into trouble in the field.

Gundog Gear was established by Luay, his son Christian and their gundog Jax (a German Shorthaired Pointer) during lockdown in 2021.

All gundogs dogs like Jax are born with their hunting instincts, however those need to be refined. They can also be uncoordinated in the water until they gain confidence even though they are water dogs. We helped Jax learn to swim in a swimming pool using the same longlines we sell here. Early on, Jax would lose his float and start to sink, but simply using a longline would bring him back on track. Your dog will also gain confidence in water if trained carefully. Now Jax has graduated to swimming in lakes and retrieves bumpers and duck dummies all day long.

Longlines were also essential when training Jax to stalk deer in the bush, to prevent him breaking range or bolting off.

Jax wears our BioThane blaze-orange collar every day as blaze orange (or hunter’s orange) is important to make him stand out and be unmistakably identified in the water and bush. This is critical for safety when shooting. If farmers or hunters see a dog without a collar, they may mistakenly shoot it thinking it is a feral dog. A brown dog in the bush can also look like a small deer.

Many people who are new to this scene may experience difficulty finding good gear for their training dogs or may have little guidance in choosing the right training aid for your style of hunting. Our carefully curated selection of products takes this into consideration, as we experienced the same difficulty. Our selection are generally perfect for dogs at all stages of their life. We also hope to continue adding beneficial products in future, so please check back in regularly.

It is our aim that Gundog Gear offers more than just the finest range of products. We hope that our blog will deliver indispensable advice to get you and your training dog started. We will be proactively providing resources and knowledge to benefit gundog training and hunting with dogs in general.

Training dogs is a wholesome outdoor activity to share with your kids and mates. We hope that we can make it easier and even more enjoyable for you with our products and resources.

Feel free to ask questions regarding our products, to be sure you are purchasing the best products for your needs. Simply enter your questions in our Contact form here.